Tunnel Lords Demo

Microsoft Windows LogoDemo   Tunnel Lords for Windows PC

Tunnel Lords includes a lengthy and enjoyable demo of gameplay. We recommend trying it out to make sure you like it and it works on your PC before purchasing.

Version 1.4.4 Windows PC 32bit
Download: Tunnel Lords for PC

See Release Notes.

Note: Tunnel Lords demo is compacted using the ZIP format.

Xbox 360 LogoDemo   Tunnel Lords for Xbox 360

A trial version of Tunnel Lords may be played on the Xbox 360. We recommend trying it out to see if you like Tunnel Lords before purchasing for the Xbox 360!

Enable on Xbox 360: Tunnel Lords for Xbox 360.

You can also find Tunnel Lords by navigating through the Xbox dashboard to the Indie Games section.

See Release Notes.

Purchase   Purchasing Tunnel Lords

To purchase Tunnel Lords for PC or Xbox 360, see: Purchasing Tunnel Lords.