Tunnel Lords Picking Up Silver

Mine deep under the crust of Epsilon Eridani. Expand your newly founded colony’s footprint. Avoid underground hazards. Through mining, provide materials for building new colony structures. Earn money to upgrade your drillship. Manage your drillship’s fuel, health, and cargo during extended mining expeditions.

Tunnel Lords is a one player, 2D vertically scrolling, real time mining game. Mine 10 different minerals, including 2 radioactive minerals. Use 8 different buildings. Some buildings require initial construction by the player. Many buildings may be upgraded through contributing minerals.

Upgrade your drillship’s hull, fuel tank, cargo hold, and radiator to delve deeper underground. Use your drillship’s onboard thrusters to return to the surface after productive mining runs. Don’t get greedy and stay in the mines too long or you may lose your life to lack of fuel. Avoid differing hazards in the mine or suffer catastrophic hull compromise.

Tunnel Lords Trailer