Our new title, Circuit Snap

We recently published a new digital logic puzzle game, Circuit Snap. You can find out more here: https://circuitsnapgame.com.

Reason through circuit puzzles by combining wires, logic gates and other circuits. Starting with two basic logic gates, progressively design and unlock more complex circuits. Use these unlocked circuits to design even more complex functionality. Learn how to manipulate the logic gates and circuits used in electronics applications today. Demo the first third of the game’s content for free to see if you enjoy before purchasing. Includes in game descriptions of how different components work to teach the basics.

Circuit Snap is currently available on the Xbox One. We plan to add an Android Tablet and Android TV build very soon.

Tunnel Lords Xbox Patch 2.0.6

Today we released the first patch for Tunnel Lords on the Xbox One. This patch addresses a minor bug and provides limited performance improvements over the previous version.

Tunnel Lords 2.0.6 Change Log:

  • Properly set music and sound effects to mute on game start
  • Minor performance improvements.

The performance improvements are limited and make not be noticeable.

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded or played Tunnel Lords to date. Please contact us if you notice a bug or want to discuss the game.

We are working on a port to the game for another platform and will hopefully report more news in the near future.

Tunnel Lords is now available on the Xbox One

We are very proud to announce that Tunnel Lords has returned to the Xbox! This time the Xbox One. The game itself also received some upgrades to include:

  • New music tracks
  • Updated Graphics
  • Improved instructions for new players
  • Improved Sound Effects
  • Small game balancing tweaks
  • Several small bug fixes

You can purchase the game for your Xbox One here: or you can navigate the store and download it through the store on the Xbox One. We highly encourage downloading the game first in tdemo mode and check it out. If you like it, your saved game from the trial mode will carry over after purchasing.

Thank you for everyone’s support in developing Tunnel Lords to this point and I hope you enjoy the game as much as we have enjoyed developing it!

For PC players using Itch.io, the improvements listed in this post have not been included in the Itch release of the game.

Tunnel Lords Discontinued on the Xbox 360

Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 Indie Games marketplace has been shutdown. Consequently, Tunnel Lords is no longer available for purchase on the Xbox 360 console. However, if you have already purchased the game on Xbox 360, it will remain available for play and you should still be able to download it in the future.

Tunnel Lords is still available for the PC both in demo form and for purchase. See the purchase page for details.

We are looking into porting Tunnel Lords to other gaming consoles, but there is nothing firm yet.

Thank you for everyone who played the game on Xbox 360 and for all the encouragement. We really enjoyed developing the game and are sad to see its life on the Xbox 360 come to an end.

Tunnel Lords Website Overhauled

We went through and overhauled the entire Tunnel Lords website. The results look much better than the older plain style. Tunnel Lords should now be presentable in fashion on a full screen, tablet, or smart phone.

If you have any feedback or have any issues with the site, we are always interested.

Now that the website is overhauled, we are starting another development cycle on Tunnel Lords. Hopefully in a short time, we will be ready to share plans on the upcoming release. Everyone here is excited about improving Tunnel Lords.

PC Version of Tunnel Lords released on itch.io

We are proud to announce Tunnel Lords version 1.4 is now available on itch.io for Windows computers! Over the last 100 days, we completed a quality port of Tunnel Lords from Xbox 360 to PC. A lengthy demo is available before purchase. We recommend downloading the demo first to ensure the game runs smoothly on your computer and that you like the game before purchasing. See below for a full list of changes between version 1.3 on the Xbox 360 and version 1.4 on the PC.

Download Tunnel Lords from itch.io: https://wooddogstudios.itch.io/tunnel-lords

The Xbox 360 version of Tunnel Lords will not be receiving any of the version 1.4 updates because the Xbox 360 Indie Games marketplace is no longer taking new submissions. With the exception of a couple of minor graphic & audio improvements, all of the features of version 1.4 are for transferring gameplay experience to the PC, so the Xbox 360 gameplay experience matches closely to the newer PC version. Any future updates will not be pushed to the Xbox 360.

If there are any issues, or you are excited about the game, please let us know through the contact form. Unfortunately, there is currently no plan to support Linux or Macintosh.

Version 1.4 Change Log

* Added keyboard support (Xbox compatible controller still fully supported)
* Added ability to switch resolution
* Added ability to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode
* Added persistence to options (Tunnel Lords will remember options when closed and reopened)
* Added in game input cues based on selected primary input device
* Added ability to switch to keyboard play if your Xbox compatible controller disconnects for any reason
* Improved building graphics
* Improved magma graphic
* Fixed bug allowing title music to unmute after death or victory

Xbox 360 Patch: Tunnel Lords 1.3

We pushed a patch for Tunnel Lords on Xbox 360 a couple of days ago. Due to a major issue with how the patch was pushed, there was a 2 day window where no one could download the game, and the Xbox 360 operating system would delete the game if the patch was applied. This issue has been resolved, and we are really sorry about the inconvenience. The next time you access the game through your Xbox 360 and have internet connection, the patch should automatically download. If your game was deleted during the 2 day window, you can re-download Tunnel Lords from the online marketplace (the marketplace will register that you own the game and not charge you).

The patch’s primary purpose is fixing a blocking bug that made about 4-5℅ of new maps unbeatable. However, a lot of graphic and user interface improvements are also included. Please contact us with feedback or any issues with the patch! See below for a full list of changes.

We are still working towards a PC version of Tunnel Lords. We are looking at releasing the PC version on Itch.IO. More news to follow next week!

Version 1.3 change list:

* Fixed stop bug allowing maps to be created with a row of impenetrable rocks
* Stopped radiation damage from affecting drillship during game winning sequence
* Fixed crash bug if a new game is started during the game winning sequence
* Fixed bug where game is lost if a new game is started before the death animation is completed
* Added animation of dirt digging out when digging into a new space
* Allow skipping spaceship launch audio
* Automatically skip spaceship launch audio sequence when music muted
* When unmuting the music right after winning or dying, the main menu music track now plays properly
* Improved box art, death animation, & town building graphics
* Allowed dying animation to start while partway through digging out a new tile

Steam Greenlight – Pending

We have submitted Tunnel Lords for Greenlight on Steam!

While working towards the needed ‘up’ votes to publish, we are integrating features to fully port Tunnel Lords for desktop & laptop computers. While it currently runs on a Windows desktop or laptop, Tunnel Lords only shows Game Pad controller cues. Updating to show keyboard cues and tweaking a couple of other features is necessary for a seamless experience.

Steam Achievements will also be integrated into the game.

Check us out on Steam here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=684613228 and vote on Tunnel Lords or leave us a comment!

First Reviews of Tunnel Lords

We are pleased Tunnel Lords is currently rated at 4 + a sliver out of 5 stars on the XBOX 360. Thank you for all of the support!

In addition, Tunnel Lords has its first video tutorial and play through.

The video tutorial is by SuperGreatFriend. It is contained in bundle of XBOX Live Indie Games tutorials here: https://youtu.be/IR-AsPf6u4I?t=27m16s. Skip into the video to 27:15 to see the part about Tunnel Lords.

Splazer Productions created an initial video play through of Tunnel Lords that can be found here: https://youtu.be/7tL5dSHGXnA.

We are glad people are enjoying Tunnel Lords.

Tunnel Lords Released on XBOX 360 Indie Games

Tunnel Lords: Mining Epsilon Eridani is now live on XBOX 360 Indie Games! We are really excited about the quality of the finished release.

You can check it out on the XBOX 360 marketplace at Tunnel Lords on XBOX Marketplace.

You can also check it out on the XNA Creator’s club website here: Tunnel Lords on XNA Creators Club

A PC download can also be found on this site at: https://www.tunnellords.com/download. The game is currently only available in full content for XBOX 360.