Tunnel Lords Discontinued on the Xbox 360

Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 Indie Games marketplace has been shutdown. Consequently, Tunnel Lords is no longer available for purchase on the Xbox 360 console. However, if you have already purchased the game on Xbox 360, it will remain available for play and you should still be able to download it in the future.

Tunnel Lords is still available for the PC both in demo form and for purchase. See the purchase page for details.

We are looking into porting Tunnel Lords to other gaming consoles, but there is nothing firm yet.

Thank you for everyone who played the game on Xbox 360 and for all the encouragement. We really enjoyed developing the game and are sad to see its life on the Xbox 360 come to an end.

2 thoughts on “Tunnel Lords Discontinued on the Xbox 360”

  1. Please port to 360 or X1/ Playstation. I loved a simuliar version I found on pc years ago, but this is much better. I hope your still thinking about it. The best games are on pc I believe, just don’t have one yet.

    1. Katy Mac,

      Thanks for the encouragement! We are actively working on a port for Xbox One that should be completed soon.


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