Tunnel Lords Release Notes

Version 1.4 Release Notes Current Version

Release Overview: Version 1.4 marked the release of Tunnel Lords for Windows PC. The Xbox 360 version of Tunnel Lords will not longer be updated. Version 1.4 included a couple minor improvements to graphics as well.

  • Added keyboard support (Xbox compatible controller still fully supported)
  • Added ability to switch resolution
  • Added ability to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode
  • Added persistence to options (Tunnel Lords will remember options when closed and reopened)
  • Added in game input cues based on selected primary input device
  • Added ability to switch to keyboard play if your Xbox compatible controller disconnects for any reason
  • Improved building graphics
  • Improved magma graphic
  • Fixed bug allowing title music to unmute after death or victory

Version 1.3 Release Notes: Final Xbox 360 Release

Release Overview: Version 1.3 fixed several bugs on Xbox360 and made minor improvements to gameplay. This is the final release for Xbox 360.

  • Fixed stop bug allowing maps to be created with a row of impenetrable rocks
  • Stopped radiation damage from affecting drillship during game winning sequence
  • Fixed crash bug if a new game is started during the game winning sequence
  • Fixed bug where game is lost if a new game is started before the death animation is completed
  • Added animation of dirt digging out when digging into a new space
  • Allow skipping spaceship launch audio
  • Automatically skip spaceship launch audio sequence when music muted
  • When unmuting the music right after winning or dying, the main menu music track now plays properly
  • Improved box art, death animation, & town building graphics
  • Allowed dying animation to start while partway through digging out a new tile

Version 1.2 Release Notes

First public version release on Xbox 360 Indie Games.