Xbox 360 Patch: Tunnel Lords 1.3

We pushed a patch for Tunnel Lords on Xbox 360 a couple of days ago. Due to a major issue with how the patch was pushed, there was a 2 day window where no one could download the game, and the Xbox 360 operating system would delete the game if the patch was applied. This issue has been resolved, and we are really sorry about the inconvenience. The next time you access the game through your Xbox 360 and have internet connection, the patch should automatically download. If your game was deleted during the 2 day window, you can re-download Tunnel Lords from the online marketplace (the marketplace will register that you own the game and not charge you).

The patch’s primary purpose is fixing a blocking bug that made about 4-5℅ of new maps unbeatable. However, a lot of graphic and user interface improvements are also included. Please contact us with feedback or any issues with the patch! See below for a full list of changes.

We are still working towards a PC version of Tunnel Lords. We are looking at releasing the PC version on Itch.IO. More news to follow next week!

Version 1.3 change list:

* Fixed stop bug allowing maps to be created with a row of impenetrable rocks
* Stopped radiation damage from affecting drillship during game winning sequence
* Fixed crash bug if a new game is started during the game winning sequence
* Fixed bug where game is lost if a new game is started before the death animation is completed
* Added animation of dirt digging out when digging into a new space
* Allow skipping spaceship launch audio
* Automatically skip spaceship launch audio sequence when music muted
* When unmuting the music right after winning or dying, the main menu music track now plays properly
* Improved box art, death animation, & town building graphics
* Allowed dying animation to start while partway through digging out a new tile