PC Version of Tunnel Lords released on itch.io

We are proud to announce Tunnel Lords version 1.4 is now available on itch.io for Windows computers! Over the last 100 days, we completed a quality port of Tunnel Lords from Xbox 360 to PC. A lengthy demo is available before purchase. We recommend downloading the demo first to ensure the game runs smoothly on your computer and that you like the game before purchasing. See below for a full list of changes between version 1.3 on the Xbox 360 and version 1.4 on the PC.

Download Tunnel Lords from itch.io: https://wooddogstudios.itch.io/tunnel-lords

The Xbox 360 version of Tunnel Lords will not be receiving any of the version 1.4 updates because the Xbox 360 Indie Games marketplace is no longer taking new submissions. With the exception of a couple of minor graphic & audio improvements, all of the features of version 1.4 are for transferring gameplay experience to the PC, so the Xbox 360 gameplay experience matches closely to the newer PC version. Any future updates will not be pushed to the Xbox 360.

If there are any issues, or you are excited about the game, please let us know through the contact form. Unfortunately, there is currently no plan to support Linux or Macintosh.

Version 1.4 Change Log

* Added keyboard support (Xbox compatible controller still fully supported)
* Added ability to switch resolution
* Added ability to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode
* Added persistence to options (Tunnel Lords will remember options when closed and reopened)
* Added in game input cues based on selected primary input device
* Added ability to switch to keyboard play if your Xbox compatible controller disconnects for any reason
* Improved building graphics
* Improved magma graphic
* Fixed bug allowing title music to unmute after death or victory